“there is immense power & peace that comes from making a living doing what you love”

and that’s why I love to teach.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of discovering your passion. I’m a believer that it doesn’t have to be one thing, and that life becomes rich when you have many pursuits that fill you with joy. I fell in love with photography as a child - and returned to it as a new mum, desperate to ensure I would always remember the beautiful moments I witnessed everyday in my own home.

A few years later, and I love helping to facilitate this joy in others. Through offering mentorships, hosting workshops and retreats - and developing styled shoots, I guide fellow creatives towards their own version of success and growth.

My approach prioritizes asking questions, kind answers, and navigating creative entrepreneurship with wellness (for our minds, body, and planet) in mind.


Aligning my business with people that inspire me with their hard work and dedication - while also fearlessly pursuing their passions - is so important to me.

Emma is a mum, dairy farmer, fitness coach, entrepreneur, AND a flower farmer, growing seasonal fresh-cut flowers on a small scale flower farm in Middle Musquidoboit, Nova Scotia.

The Just Bloom property is an absolute dream - and there is something instrincally poetic about the similarities between pregnancy and the blooming phase of a flower.

With only 6 tickets available, this golden-hour shoot will be intimate - giving you the time and space to get creative, practice new techniques, network, and get hands-on industry experience: all while building your ideal portfolio so you can start booking your dream clients!

June 26th, 2022 | 7-9pm | $95

a styled-maternity shoot in partnership with Just Bloom flower farm

KIND WORDS from mothers, lovers, and dreamers, alike.

Where do I even start! I was so grateful to be a part of a mentorship with Makenna. She is the sweetest, most intelligent soul. From the initial inquiry to the final email summarizing the mentorship, she cares and supports you. Being new to photography, she gave me confidence and was willing to educate me on anything and everything. Even after the mentorship session came to an end, she has left that door open and continued to support me when I needed it. If anyone is ever considering reaching out for a mentor, I would recommend Makenna over & over again! 🤍

 - Machaela

Thank you for getting me started on my photography journey, I definitely needed this course to direct me in the right direction on finding my path and style. Thank you for taking me in with absolutely no professional experience. My new journey has begun and you helped me get started. 

 - Ali

I have been following Makenna on social media for some time. She has captured some of my closest friends' big moments and I have admired her style and ability to make everything seem so natural. When she first mentioned she was going to offer mentorships I instantly knew that I had to sign up! I was so nervous going to the first meeting but she made me feel so comfortable, it was like hanging out with a best friend. She was open to answering all my questions and offering many recommendations. I left feeling more comfortable with what I have to offer others and I am so excited to dive into photography with more confidence! I highly recommend Makenna for any mentorship and workshops. I will certainly be signing up for any workshops she offers :)

- Melissa


I love taking on a few special souls every year to help expand their skill set, empart industry-specific knowledge, and share my wins and losses with someone who might benefit from my experiences as a family and maternity photographer.

Think we’d be a good fit? Reach out with some details about your experience level, professional goals, and why you love the art of photography.