Two little boys sit on the branch of a tree. Image features the lower half of their bodies, with feet dangling in the air.

How to get your kids excited for family photos 

June 1, 2022

Shoot Prep

There is seriously nothing cuter than a smiley kiddo – but sometimes it doesn’t work like that. As a mum – I know that the emotions of little humans can be pretty unpredictable. Here’s how to prepare for a family session EVERYONE can enjoy. 

In order to really get the most out of your session, I need you to dig deep and think about why you are booking the session, is it for likes on social media or is it because it is important to have your family memories documented? Once you have really thought about that, I want you to dig even deeper and think – what do you really want for your children? Okay, a loaded question I know… but it is important because I want you to think about it going into your family session. 

Personally, I want my kids to live a limitless life, one that is enjoyable and memorable. I never want them to doubt how much I love them or how precious our time together is. I hope they are familiar with peace in the present moment and the magic of being a child. I want them to be themselves, unapologetically. And while I know I may have little say in what happens in the grand scheme of life, I do have a big role in their childhood and I want to give them a childhood full of memories that they will want to cherish for a lifetime. Not only is this the most magical time of their life but it is also the most magical time in mine, it is important to me that is documented how it is felt. Nothing posed or fake, just the real stuff. 

So coming to the session, I want you to think about their childhood and what memories you want to ensure they have. Make this session about them and your love for each other. Life only seems to get busier and it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life that we forget how quickly it is going by. Use this session as a time to slow down and really be present with your kids, get on their level, and connect with them. I can suggest all kinds of games and activities but no one knows your kids like you do, show them that. Pull out all of your inside jokes, act out their favourite characters, and be silly with them. Little ones have little say and control, so usually when they are being told they have to do something that really doesn’t interest them, they will resist, it is normal. That is why I always encourage parents not to tell their kids that they are going to get pictures done, instead tell them you are going on a family adventure, and that someone will be there to document it so you can relive it forever because it is going to be that awesome! Heck even let them in on the planning process and let them have a say in where we go. Your littles will feed off of your energy, so ensure your needs are met so you can give them the time and energy they deserve.  But most of all just let them be themselves, enjoy whatever stage you are in, and just soak it all up.