Makenna sits with her young family - her husband and two boys on a white couch inside.

I believe in community over competition – here’s why. 

June 1, 2022


As a collective we thrive on diversity, from variety comes new ideas and expansion. The photography industry is no exception.

I firmly believe that photography is an art form and that it says just as much about the subject as it does the artist. Not everyone will be attracted to your specific style and that is okay. I think that it is a really good thing. We only have so much energy to give and it is a privilege to get to put energy into the right people who value what we do and who we are.

Makenna with her family including her husband, and her two boys, sitting on a white couch inside.

As a photographer, business owner, and person, I am dedicated to never stopping learning and growing.

The more we grow and uplift each other alongside us the more the industry will expand and grow as a whole. As a result, it will be even better for the next up-and-coming generation and more enjoyable at the moment.

As creatives, it is vital to have a welcoming and supportive community because working for yourself can be isolating at times. We all have our strengths and when we come together there is no end to what we can learn from one another. No two people see the world the same, and even if two people had the same gear, were shooting the same people and in the same location, their final images would still look completely different. That is because no two people see things the same. How you see the world is your secret sauce, you can teach all the technical stuff, share your ways but no one could ever replicate you and how you see the world.

It is so easy to get caught up in comparisons and I am no stranger to feeling like an imposter. But focusing on my strengths and the things that light me up helps me thrive and grow as a freelance creative. Your passions are yours for a reason, and the things that fill your cup up shouldn’t be ignored!