June 1, 2022

I believe in community over competition – here’s why. 

As a collective we thrive on diversity, from variety comes new ideas and expansion. The photography industry is no exception. I firmly believe that photography is an art form and that it says just as much about the subject as it does the artist. Not everyone will be attracted to your specific style and that […]

Makenna sits with her young family - her husband and two boys on a white couch inside.

June 1, 2022

Shoot Prep

How to get your kids excited for family photos 

There is seriously nothing cuter than a smiley kiddo – but sometimes it doesn’t work like that. As a mum – I know that the emotions of little humans can be pretty unpredictable. Here’s how to prepare for a family session EVERYONE can enjoy.  In order to really get the most out of your session, […]

Two little boys sit on the branch of a tree. Image features the lower half of their bodies, with feet dangling in the air.

Shoot Prep

May 27, 2022

What to wear to your family photos

Little details like location, time of day and outfits can have a huge impact on the overall image but I never want you to feel stressed or overwhelmed while making those decisions. So these are a few of the top things I always recommend you keep in mind when it comes to choosing your outfits […]

Woman and family in field taking photos